One tank with three pre-build coils in it! Sounds like a dream if you’re a big fan for ready-build coils. And Horizon Tech made it real! Let’s take a look at this new and outstanding tank!

Arctic Turbo Tank – 1 tank = 3coil heads = 6 coils!

Let’s start from the biggest and most interesting part of this tank!
The base of Arctic Turbo Tank holds three prebuild coil heads, and each coil head contains two vertical coils. This is big!

Arctic Tank Coils

Arctic coils are with relatively small juice holes, but they are big enough for a higher VG liquids. And using all three the total surface of holes will be great! Each coil is 0.6ohm, so three coils at one time will be 0.2ohm.
Removing these coils from the base is a pleasure! After separating the base from the tank, coils will be taken out firmly pulling them out from the base. A big time saver if you thought you will have to unscrew each coil. We were surprised to see it too!

Design Of Arctic Turbo

The tank is made from a stainless steel and pyrex glass. Build quality is great, the tank is solid. A large drip tip is what we need to make huge clouds.
Arctic Turbo has two airflow holes and a top airflow is designed as a turbine to provide a spin of air, which makes this tank so arctic!
Arctic Turbo holds up to 3.5ml of e -liquid.

Conclusion On Arctic Turbo Tank By Horizon Tech

No doubts, Arctic Turbo tank is something different for those who are looking for something different to try. This tank provides big clouds, and the taste is great. For sure this is not a money saver tank, you are going to use three coils at one time. But experience vaping this one makes it worth to try, this is something new and interesting to try without spending ages on building.


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