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Mouth to lung vapers were waiting for Kayfun V5 for a long time now. This tank is made by one of the most respectable tanks manufacturers – SvoeMesto and I can’t hide my excitement as I was a big fan of Kayfun V4 and Kayfun Mini V3. This time, the tank is simpler than V4 bu still a great performer. Looks like mouth-to-lung market is having a beautiful renaissance in the year 2016. And officially the best mouth-to-lung tank.


Kayfun V5 – simple but good

A huge number of e-liquid feeding holes, innovative airflow control design, sorted top-fill leakage issues and a beautiful user-friendly build deck. Kayfun V5 has less parts and it makes it much better and easier for everyday use. All those features are making Kayfun V5 a very good rebuildable tank for almost everyone. This is not a first time when SvoeMesto is offering very well thought features for customers, I guess that’s why we are paying more for those products. They are thinking about us. They are thinking a lot.

Kayfun V5 Stainless Steel - Vape 2 News

Improved top filling design

Kayfun V4 had some design issues with top fill cap: if the user had wet hands or hands with a very dry skin, from time to time it was really hard to unscrew top cap for filling. Kayfun V5 has sorted this problem with adding some grooves to the cap and now is really easy to remove the top cap.
Another detail to be mentioned is that after filling Kayfun V4 you was always left with some e-liquid outside as top cap had some space around the filling hole, that’s where e-liquid was staying almost every time. Kayfun V5 has an updated top-fill cap, this cap is a whole top section of the tank with smartly made angle for e-liquid to go down when screwing the cap back on the top.
Kayfun V4 vs V5 Top Fill - Vape 2 News

Juice flow control

Kayfun V5 has much wider juice flow holes for higher VG e-liquid, this is empowering user for a wider choice of available juices on the market. Whole e-juice control has been improved and now it’s a pleasure to adjust it with no issues. Whole base with a build deck are interacting for juice control without any overcomplicated parts as it was in V4.

Kayfun V5 Build DeckKayfun V5 Build Deck - Vape 2 News

Kayfun V5 build deck is a very simple and very well designed so almost anyone will be able to build on this deck. Big screws will catch any type of wire and walls on the L shape tabs will keep builds in the place and protected from touching the chimney. This is a first time we see this type of build deck but we are sure it will become a benchmark as it’s so much sense to have a build deck of this type.

Airflow Control

Airflow control of V5 is completely redesigned and features some interesting details worth looking at. Previous Kayfuns (V4, V3 Mini) had a screw for airflow control so the user had a chance to find the sweetest point of the airflow. It had some benefits but it was causing problems too. I’ve removed airflow screw from my Kayfun V4 as 510 was constantly causing me problems.
Kayfun V5 has no airflow control screw and this means that user won’t get a chance to adjust it to the precise amount of vapour. But this is not a problem as airflow control design is well measured and will provide an excellent mouth-to-lung experience. Widest airflow setting is not for true direct to lung vaping but it’s the widest airflow ever done by Svoe Mesto.

Final conclusions on Svoe Mesto Kayfun V5

I really love this tank not only because of the sentiments I have for Svoe Mesto for their pioneering and intelligent inventions which are making vaping much better with every big launch they ever had. I really like how V5 is designed and how precisely every detail is measured. Svoe Mesto really cares about vaping, vapers and you can feel it with every single puff you have with this tank. Kayfun V5 is a true mouth-to-lung vaping King.

Kayfun V5 specifications:

  • Capacity: with glass tank ~4ml, stainless steel tank ~5ml
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 60mm (without mouthpiece)
  • Glass tank made of Quartz Glass
  • Stainless steel components: WNr. 1.4404 (X2CrNiMo17-12-2), AISI 316L, (V4A)
  • Anti-heat driptip with POM inlay (engraved)
  • Easy top filling
  • Liquid control (fully adjustable)
  • Increased maximum liquid flow
  • External airflow control
  • Increased maximum airflow
  • 316L stainless steel
  • 510 connector

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  1. The SvoeMesto Kayfun Mini V3 is a rebuildable tank atomizer specifically designed using e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. Before use you must install a coil made intended for usage in electronic cigarettes.