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Smok TF-RTA: the beast which you will want to love! It’s a lovely tank, by the looks is going to please any type of direct to lung vaper. Best looking build deck of the first quarter in 2016 is here to take a look at.

Smok TF-RTA: what’s special?

After the success of TFV4 and TFV4 Mini, Smok has decided to go bigger, bigger and better. This is great as we all love big surprises. And Smok TF-RTA is one of them. This tank is introducing a nice mix of the features from few popular tanks from the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016: working juice control from Aspire Triton tank which allows you to shut liquid flow while filling the tank ( I know someone else did it, for example, Kayfun V4, but I mean really working liquid control), nice ring for holding wicks in place from Geekvape Griffin RTA and a nice top-fill from themselves, Smok TFV4.
On the top of this beautiful mix of features, Smoke has introduced outstanding build deck, this build deck looks like a dream for anyone who loves to build multiple coils.

Smok TF-RTA build decks G2 & G4

If you’re enjoying build deck of TFV4, you will love new build decks for TF-RTA: there are Smok TF-RTA G2 Deck Vape 2 Newstwo editions of this RTA: G2 and G4.
The first one is G2, this build deck will allow to build double coil builds easily as a diameter of this deck is one of the biggest in the market: 16mm. Thanks to velocity deck design, you’re going to enjoy every time you’re building.

If you think G2 is a nice build deck, take a closer look at the build deck G4. This is a very first build deck designed in this way: quad coil, deck-off-base design is going to give opportunity to build impressive builds and to chase probably the biggest Smok TF-RTA G4 Deck - Vape 2 Newsclouds from available from any RTA at this moment. G4 deck is also 16mm in diameter, this will give just enough space for four coils. Liquid supply is individual for each end of the wick. An extra ring which holds wicks in place will allow more accurate wicking for every type of e-liquid. This deck is absolutely the best build deck of the first quarter of 2016!

Leaking Protection

One more pleasant detail in this RTA is a hidden sealing ring. This ring is going to reduceSmok TF-RTA Leaking Protection - Vape 2 News leaking as it’s based in the groove at the top and the bottom of the tanks connection with a glass tube.
Juice flow control of course, is going to reduce leakage too as there will be no need to shut the air flow holes while filling the tank as we had to do with TFV4.

Smok TF-RTA top-fill system same as in TFV4

Why should you try to invent the wheel if it’s been already invented by you. This is what Smok team was thinking while designing TF-RTA tank. Honestly, I can’t blame them. This type of top fill is one of the most convenient top fill designs in the industry. Sometimes it’s a bit funny to fill it with a pipette as the hole is not too big, but overall “Swivel” top cap design is great.Smok TF-RTA Top Fill - Vape 2 News

Conclusions about Smok TF-RTA

This is a tank for everyone who loves clouds, taste and big builds. This is a bigger tank so it won’t fit perfectly on the small box mod. But to fire the builds which are easily available with G4 build deck you will need something bigger anyway. Truly lovely tank!


Technical specifications and dimensions of Smok TF-RTA:


Smok TF-RTA height is: 65mm , diameter: 24.5mm. It will look better on a bigger device.
Weight is 84.5g.
Capacity is 4.5ml
510 threaded
Available in black and stainless steel.
Two editions of different types of build decks: G2 (for double coil builds) and G4 for quad-coil building.
Glass Tube.
Double-layered drip tip for lips protection.



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