Friday, October 20, 2017
Atomizers & Tanks

Atomizers & Tanks

Atomizers and tanks are core elements in the vaping devices: tank holds the liquid, and the atomizer turns liquid into a vapor. There is a wide variety of products variations available in the market: Clearomizers are usually smaller plastic tanks. Clearomizers holds up to 2ml, create much less vapour and flavour but because of their tiny design they are very popular among beginners. Rebuildable Tank Atomizer or RTA is the most popular variant of tanks among more experienced vapers. The biggest advantage is that user can build its own heating coil heads so variations of vaping experiences are close to infinity. RTA usually can hold a larger quantity of e-liquid and flavour and cloud production is great. Because of its importance, these parts of vaping devices gets main attention from users, which makes manufacturers stay focused on a quality and constant improvements of their products. Best known manufacturers of Atomizers and tanks: Kangertech, Aspire E Cig, Smok. Check what's new in this category below!

Arctic Turbo Tank By Horizon Tech

One tank with three pre-build coils in it! Sounds like a dream if you're a big fan for ready-build coils. And Horizon Tech made...

Kangertech mini Protank 3

We couldn't not to write about one of the best little clearomizers on the market. It's Kangertech Mini Protank 3. This beautiful and sharp clearomizer is soo...

Video Review On iSub Apex From Indoor Smokers

Video Review On iSub Apex From Indoor Smokers Good mood and a great review on a iSub Apex from Indoor Smokers!  

Innokin iSub APEX Tank

One more tank from a world-wide-known manufacturer of vaping devices. And there are no questions is it going to be a good tank, we know something...

Aspire Triton 2 Tank

It wasn't so long since Aspire Ecig has introduced their Triton tank to us. Now we have an even newer version which is called...

Aspire Triton Tank System

Aspire Triton tank is one of the latest releases in the Aspire tanks selection. It's relatively new construction of the adjustable airflow control (...

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