ANML Fury E-juice By Phillip Rocke


 2016 has just started and we have big news for ANML Vapors fans. It’s called “Fury”. It’s only third e-liquid made by this brand. Not a big variety you might say. But as in many cases in this life, quantity not necessary means quality and ANML is one of the best examples for this rule. First two e-liquids are amazing. Let’s take a look what the third one is like!


Smell of ANML Fury

That’s what we all do, we are opening a bottle and taking a breath… And thirst thought is hmm. Taking a look at Fury description again, it says: “sugar-frosted cereal crisps with a splash of premium whole milk”. Smell is sweet and creamy but you can’t be sure what this sweetness is about, is there a big box of cereal in this juice? No. Amount of flakes is in perfect ratio with milk in your bowl. I know how hard it is to match it in the morning and once you do that you know it! No milk leftovers, no need to add some milk!  Smell is very pleasant, that’s for sure. And I am a big fan of cream and milk e-liquids so impressed so far!

First inhale!

This is a moment of truth for every ANML fan and I am one of these! First inhale is taking you to the trip of flavours. Taste is layered in at least three intense layers: creamy sweet milk is the main note which plays almost all the time from the very start of inhaling till the last moment of exhaling. In the mid-way of inhaling corn flakes joins the game and stays till the end together with creamy milk. After exhaling vapour, impression of flavour is still a bit creamy but it’s sharing the moment with subtle notes of corn flakes overlapped with subtle bitterness at the very end. Impressive trip!

All day on ANML Fury

After vaping it all day I can say: this is a proper all-day-vape juice and it’s getting better and better every time.
Would i recommend it? Absolutely YES! Even if you are not a big fan of this type of e-liquid. ANML Fury is one of those liquids you have to try!


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