Smax – She’s A Dime E-liquid


Anyone like lime cakes here? We have great news, e-liquid brand called Smax has made something what is so good, you can feel like you’re actually eating that cake! It’s called “She’s A Dime”!

She’s A Dime Taste

This e-liquid tastes just like a lime cake pop drizzled in a creamy lemon sauce. Taste is so saturated and solid, you can start chewing the vapour in your mouth. A very successfully made liquid. Probably a hit of the last quarter of the year 2015!

Bottle Type

Smax is offering two types of bottles: simple e-liquid bottle and a bottle with airless pump,
which is very handy to spray liquid straight on the
You can purchase this juice at

  • Available in : 0, 3, 6, 12 MG.
  • 30 ML Bottle with airless pump

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