HCigar VT 75W - Vape 2 News 2016

HCigar has introduced their latest box mod VT 75W. No doubts this box mod will be one of the best lower power box mods of 2016. Beautiful design and new Evolv DNA75 chip already made this mod one of the most desirable box mods in this spring.

Hcigar VT 75W – smaller but still good

Hcigar VT 75W is not going to be something mind blowing but it is going to be something rather pleasing and giving more quality for vaping experience. The decision to go for 26650 batteries is making this kit very attractive as the demand for this type of devices was growing rapidly. Single 18650 battery box mods are draining the batteries very fast and HCigar VT 75W is giving that little bit of extra what we all want.
Knowing the latest trends in the box mods category sometimes you wonder when HCigar VT 75W Blackcompanies are launching devices with less power and capabilities but it looks like this crazy race of bigger power outputs and lower resistances is about to finish as the market is splitting into two different segments. And the launch of DNA75 chip is strengthening this segmentation even more.

Performance of HCigar VT 75W

HCigar VT 75W is going to be smoothly working and powerful enough for lower resistances of coils: it will fire up to 75 watts. According to HCigar it will have 50 amps capability but true discharging current will be somewhere around 35 amps.
Temperature control will be available with all most popular types of coils which include titanium, Ni200, and stainless steel. Temperature control will work between 100-300℃ / 200-600℉.

HCigar VT 75W is one of the more expensive mods but knowing how good DNA chips are performing, this device is definitely something worth the money.

HCigar VT 75W Specs:

  • Colours: Black, Red
  • 510 threaded
  • 1-75W
  • Temperature Control 100-300℃ / 200-600℉
  • Works with Nickel, titanium, stainless steel, and Kanthal coils
  • Micro USB Charging port


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