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The year 2016 is probably the easiest year to find the best vape pen kit if you have just started or planning to start vaping. Manufacturers worldwide have carefully listened to all types of vapers and the outcome of it is that all types of vapers have been supplied by really high-quality and well-performing devices. On this page, we will cover the best vape pen kits of 2016.

What are the main types of vape pens?

If you’re just starting your vaping journey it might be confusing to find what type of device is going to be the best for you. Statistically, most vapers have started with pen style vaping devices. But what is the best vape pen to start? Don’t worry, it’s quite easy to find it out. All the vaping devices can be divided into dozens of different segments, but there are two main types of any vape gear and those two types are dividing all the vaping world into two poles: “mouth-to-lung” and “direct-to-lung”.

Mouth-to-lung: this type of vaping is closest to smoking. It is highly recommended for anyone who is switching from smoking to vaping. Before inhaling the vapour user is pulling vapour into the mouth. To create this type of experience, the experience which will reflect smoking, the device has to have narrower air supply holes to create some resistance while dragging the vapour and the smaller mouthpiece (closer to the diameter of actual cigarette). For this type of vaping gear, higher nicotine levels are recommended because of smaller amounts of vapour comparing to the following type of vaping.

Direct-to-lung: This type of vaping is by far the most popular among more experienced vapers who are not seeking to cover the need of smoking but simply are enjoying the vaping and flavours. This type of vaping reminds smoking the hookah, so if you love the hookah you will definitely be enjoying this vaping style. As the name of this type of vaping suggests, vapour is being inhaled directly into the lungs. Air holes are wider and the mouthpiece is usually wider in diameter. This way the quantity of vapour inhaled is much bigger so the recommended nicotine levels of e liquid are lower ( 0 to 6 mg/ml).

Best Vape Pens


 Joyetech eGo AIO 


Joyetech AIO Kit Review - Vape 2 NewsJoyetech AIO is really good! Performance, low price and a lot of smart features are making this kit number one in this list of the best vape pen kits for 2016. The built quality and design are looking great. Really easy top-fill with child proof protection, Cubis coils, the battery capacity of 1500mAh and pass through charging and a nice light inside of the tank to see in the dark how much e-liquid has left in the tank. Did I mention you can change the colour of the light? It’s absolutely my favourite pen style kit! How couldn’t it be? Read full Joyetech AIO review here.

 Innokin Endura T18 


Innokin Endura T18 Best Vape Pen 2016Perfect choice for anyone new to vaping: Innokin Endura T18. This device was introduced late 2015, but because of it’s built quality and excellent performance this kit will be one of the best vape pen kits for a long time. Kit comes with everything you will need: user-friendly 2.5ml glass top-fill clearomizer tank for e-liquid, 1000mAh pass-through battery (allows to vape while charging), USB charging cable and the spear heating coil head.

Simple to use and the vaping experience is excellent. 1.5ohmn heating coil head is creating a perfect amount of vapour to taste any type of e-liquid. As any device from the Innokin, Endura T18 build quality is perfect and there are a variety of colours for females and males.



 Aspire K4 


Aspire K4 Best Vape Kits 2016 by Vape 2 NewsAspire K4 kit is at the top of direct to lung vape kits because of its simplicity to use and the perfect flavour production. Thanks to the Aspire Cleito Tank, this kit will create huge, flavorful clouds easier than you can imagine. If you like to chase huge clouds without having a huge device, you can’t go wrong with Aspire K4 vape kit.
This kit has that luxurious high-end sensation from the outside. Beautiful carbon fibre finish is available in black and pink colours.

The kit comes with K4 2000mAh passthrough battery, easy to use top-fill Aspire Cleito tank, micro USB cable, and one spare 0.27ohm heating coil head.
Dimensions of Aspire K4 are: Height – 136mm, Width – 22mm.

 Smiss Mini Bond+ 


Smiss mini bond plus best-vape pen kit-Vape 2 NewsIf we are talking about the best vape pen kit, Smiss Mini Bond+ cannot be skipped as this is the only one real pen kit. Because of its size. This vape pen is as big as any pen you’re writing with. You won’t be able to write with it but it will fit into any shirt pocket without attracting any attention. The first time I saw this tiny little device I couldn’t believe it can actually work. Oh yes, it can! The taste and the vapour production is close, if not the same as any better standard vape pen can produce.

However, because of its tiny design, this kit alone can’t be treated as the only one kit you will need to have. You will need at least few of those to supply you with a nicotine during the day. The battery of Smiss Mini Bond+ is only 290mAh and the capacity of clearomizer is 0.7ml. Also, you will have to unscrew the clearomizer to charge the battery, which means you won’t be able to use it while charging.
But if you want a secret James Bond vaping device, so no one will know what is in your shirt pocket, this is the best vape pen for it!
Smiss Mini Bond+ dimensions are: Width- 10.2mm Height -120.8. Numbers doesn’t look impressiveley small, but in reality it is a very small pen.
Weight – 24.5g.



 Kangertech Subvod 


Kangertech Subvod - Best Vape Pen 2016 Vape 2 newsKangertech Subvod is another kit which can be easily included in to the list as the best vape pen kit. The performance of Subvod is stunning and the value for money you get is great. The device is an average size, so will feel comfortable in any size of palms.
The kit comes with TopTank Nano tank, which is a top-fill and a truly great performer, 1300mAh passthrough battery with a temperature control. Temperature control feature will potentially prevent from the most dangerous part of vaping: “dry hits”. Dry hits basically is when heating coil is burning the cotton when there is not enough of juice in the tank.

A wide variety of heating coil heads will allow the user to experience many different types of vaping with only one device. Airflow control adjustments can create mouth-to-lung experience too. If I could recommend one vape kit as allrounder it would definitely be a Kangertech Subvod kit. Great device, great value for money.

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