Coil Master 521 TAB Kit

Coil Master 521 Tab

As vaping is evolving, tools have to keep evolving too. The Coil Master 521 Tab is the best example of this evolution. This device is not only a building stand and is is not just an ohm meter. This is a new way for building coils.

Coil Master is one of the most popular names in the vaping world and it’s like that for a reason. Not only does the company create some good products, their offering is also known for durability and great performance. Coil Master 521 Tab is one of the latest product offerings from the company and it’s set to be one of the best as well.

Design and performance

The device is fairly small but at the same time it also has all the features that you might expect from a high standard unit. It’s a little surprising to see that it runs on a single battery, but this is well enough to fire any coils!

The ohm meter is very accurate and you can check for voltage drops on the fly. That does deliver a very good quality and impressive results, not to mention that you can fire coils right on the building deck. The overall mod you can use here is simple and comprehensive and it does work very well.

One thing to note is that Coil Master 521 Tab comes with the alligator clips, so you can fire  the wire before twisting it! I found it very useful as it burns whole wire

If you want to use this properly it’s a very good idea to invest in the Coil Master toolkit as that is the best tool kit I’ve tried.

If you are an advanced user, then you can check some great new features. You can actually test the RTA/RDA and coil setup. Not only that but if there are any drops you can actually see them in real time and that’s very good! You can rarely see this type of devices delivering such features, and that’s one of the main reasons why you should try out this device!

The OLED screen is very good and during tests, it performed very well. I also liked the reverse battery protection which adds more safety to the device, not to mention that the minimum resistance rate is very good for such a tool. Also, the device charges via mini-USB which is a very good idea, since you don’t have to worry about any charging issues in the long run.

Building on The Coil Master 521 Tab

Building on this device is nice as it’s in just about perfect high fro the desk (49.5mm), it coil-master-521-2feels like natural for your wrists to keep scrolling and tightening coils on the base of the atomizer. And here comes the first nice feature of a device: if a build is 0.2 ohms or higher, you will be able to fire the build to preheat the coils, so no need of taking away the atomizer, screwing it on to the mod and firing it. Everything will be done with ease on the Coil Master 521 Tab.

Testing Resistance of the wire or a coil without a build deck

Another useful feature of The Coil Master 521 Tab is what you are going to be able to check a resistance of wire, or coil, without screwing it on to the atomizers deck (I think it’s not only me living with this memory, when you’re building perfectly looking coil for variable wattage mod and… resistance is too low!!!). Dream comes true, you can find it before too much input without a single cloud… And here comes the best: with Coil Master 521 Tab, you will be able to fire a coil, without building it, only using little alligator clips connected to the Coil Master 521 Tab.

Voltage Checker on Coil Master 521 Tab

Voltage Checking is done easily as everything on this nice device: just add the voltage checking part (comes in with Coil Master 521 Tab in a box) onto the top of the Coil Master 521 Tab and screw your mod on it. In the result of it, you are going to get numbers of voltage your mod is using to fire a coil (keep in mind, the coil is actually firing, so watch your hands not to be touching it).
Not all regulated mods are going to work on Coil Master 521 Tab, only variable voltage ones.
But for mechanical mods it’s a dream!

Using The Coil Master 521 Tab as a mod

And the last feature is YOU CAN USE IT AS A MOD!!! Just screw your atomizer on to the Coil Master 521 Tab, and if you have a long drip tip, you can fire your atomizer, and vape it!

Overall this is amazing device, and a perfect example of where vaping is going: it’s getting more and more perfect and intelligent, and we love it!

Thanks for Coil Master for this incredible little device, which will make our vaping only better, and only for 38-39 USD, this is not much at all!


As a whole, I feel that Coil Master 521 Tab does a very good job when it comes to creating your own coils. The features it has are very good. The device is small, portable and at the same time it makes the coil building experience seamless. No matter if you are a professional or expert, this is a very good device and it delivers a very good experience. You should check it out if you want a tool like this, as it’s some of the best in the industry!

Details about Coil Master 521 Tab:

  • Ohm meter
  • Voltage meter
  • Coil rebuilding deck
  • Coil burning
  • Table MOD
  • Reverse battery protection
  • OLED screen
  • Dimensions: 49.5mm x 84.5mm x 69.5mm
  • Weight: 190g
  • Housing material: ABS


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