As always, Kangertech loves to make surprises to their fans. This time, it’s all-in-one device…for those who want to try dripping flavours and clouds without dripping. Welcome to the world of squonking! Another brave and a bit shocking attempt from this company. This kit has received many positive and of course, negative reviews. So what is Kangertech DripBox? Let’s take a look!

Update: New version Kangertech DripBox 160 is released!

What is Kngertech DripBox?

First of all, let’s point the main surprise: this is the first product from Kangertech for drippers (most likely beginners), if high wattage mods won’t be taken into a count. This is a first RDA from this company. And it’s not exactly RDA as we used it to be. This is a squonk mod. Main difference between this device and simple RDA is that DripBox is a bottom feed device: it holds e-liquid it the tank, the tank is in the mod. You can squeeze the tank and liquid will go up trough the tube which is in 510 connection and will feed the wicks with e-liquid. Usually, squonk mods are very expensive, but Kangertech wouldn’t be Kangertech if they wouldn’t bring something expensive to those who don’t want to pay a fortune for a good experience. Thumbs up for Kangertech!

Huge clouds without experience

It’s easy to chase huge clouds with Kangertech DripBox without even knowing a single bit about dripping.
Kangertech DripBox is a regulated device, with a maximum power output of 60W and lowest resistance is 0.2ohm (Kanthal), with a single 18650 interchangeable battery. Just about enough to chase huge clouds.
RDA is getting a direct supply of e-liquid from the tank which is placed in the mod, but at the same time user can enjoy benefits of dripping by actually dripping the e-liquid on the wicks to change a flavour at any time.
Regulations on power output are not available as there are no control buttons to make adjustments or screen to see the settings. Looks like a safer alternative to everyone who has no experience but is willing to try dripping.
Another interesting point which makes this kit fully completed is that Kangertech has created prebuilt coils for DripBox. These coils basically are small decks, they can be screwed instead of original build deck in the RDA. This means you don’t actually have to build anymore to enjoy the benefits of dripping!

Is it go for?

If you’re interested in dripping, how it feels, how good it is, Kangertech DripBox is most likely the best available option at this moment. This device will let you taste dripping in full but at the same time, you will be on the safe side as it’s protected mod. If we will take squonking into a count, this device is unbeatable for its price!

Kangertech DripBox weight and dimensions

Dripbox is a very light device: weight is only 170g (without a battery and e-liquid).
Kangertech DripBox dimensions are: Height – 82mm, Width – 39mm, Depth – 22mm.
RDA dimensions: Width – 22mm, Height 26mm. RDA comes with delrin cap and has dual airflow control.

Dripbox Kit Contains:

  • SubDrip
  • Dripmod
  • Replacement bottle (tank)
  • Replacement coil (double coil built on a smaller build deck, with cotton)
  • One pad of cotton
  • USB cable
  • Manual

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