There are thousands of electric cigarettes in the market but if you are looking for a top quality vaping device that can make a vaping experience better. That is exactly that Innokin Cool Fire 4 TC 100W is.

Innokin Cool Fire 4 TC 100W is an Electronic vaporizing device that is powered by the Ultra-Fast advanced AETHON chipset with 100W of pure power with Clear wave sound reduction technology. The Cool Fire IV TC 100W is something that adds many additional features to the vaping devices like it is the most compact one, having so much of vaping power, durable, beautiful look and feel as small and as well and many others like that. Now coming towards the key features of this efficient vaping device. The Cool Fire IV TC uses the variable temperature system with 100W output which contains titanium, nickel 200 and stainless steel in TC mode.


Key Features of Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100W

The Cool fire IV TC 100W carries some unique features that beautify its working quality. Its contains the long lasting 3300mAh internal battery that works for many hours ,the Cool Fire IV TC is designed to be one of the top-of-the-line compact all day vapes. Its body is manufactured in the way that it can fit in your hands perfectly with ergonomically placed power button, this device is a true pleasure to the vape. Innokin is following a successful line of Coll Fire 4 with well designed ergonomic products and there are not so many reasons to switch core design tactics.


The Aetheon Chipset features a 100W max output that is featured by  Innokin’s latest advancements in output technology, including Clear wave sound deduction, which assures you a highly precise and stable output curve, Ultrafast firing technology that glimpse  and ramps within 0.2 seconds from activation mode, and the Precision Coil Resistance Reading feature that accurately reads resistances at an accuracy of 0.00000 ohms. The Cool Fire IV TC100 is able to consume fast 2amp charging and features a huge range of temperature control and variable wattage, with great safety protections and also can be used for vaping during its charging period. The Precise Coil Resistance Reading perfectly measures the coils resistance all the way down to .00000 (that is a hundred thousandth) to give you the most accurate resistance reading on the market base today.

The Cool Fire IV comes equipped with high-quality reliable stainless Steel threading that supports a spring loaded gold plated connecting pin, realizing totally different conductivity for a truly magnificent vape. This device has an internal 3300 mAh battery that is charged through a 2AMP micro USB Quick Charge port for incredibly fast charging (and can also be used for vaping purpose). If you’re searching for a new TC Device that supports the latest and greatest state-of-the-art technology of vaping, the Cool Fire IV TC100 will not even disgrace you. The Cool Fire has a flush 510 connection with a spring that has goldly plated +ve pin and reliable stainless steel attached.


Technical detail for Innokin Cool Fire 4 TC 100W

  • It uses a battery of 3300mAh.
  • Standby current of 200uA max.
  • Maximum output wattage of 100W.
  • Maximum current wattage of 30 Ampere.
  • Atomizer has minimum resistance of 0.1ohm..
  • Temperature of controlling mode Ni (0.1-0.2 ohm), Ti (1-0.5Ohm),reliable Stainless Steel 316L (0.2-1.0Ohm ) coils are highly recommended.
  • Temperature Range in which it can operate 150-315°C 5°C increments
    300-600 °F 5°F increments
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