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The landscape of vaping world is constantly changing and new trends and benchmarks are appearing every quarter, every year. But the fans of simple to use devices were left behind. Those days are gone! We can enjoy the new wave of simple to use, affordable devices, well-performing devices, again. And the Joyetech AIO is surfing at the front of this new wave!

Best things first!

Best things first and the best thing about this device is the price! Joyetech AIO is a VERY reasonably priced device and the value what you will get for the money is outstanding! If you have no more time to keep reading this review, but thinking about this kit, simply go and find it at your favourite store and I can assure you, you won’t be making a mistake! However, if you’re interested in performance and why it is a great value, keep reading, we will take a closer look at Joyetech AIO.

New construction philosophy for Joyetech AIO

Joyetech has made a decision to create a simplest but still great performing vape pen. And they did it rather well: a whole kit is made as one body, which will contain the battery and a leak proof tank in it.

The tank is like a glass of e-liquid, without Joyetech AIO Child Lockany holes at the bottom. That means it will be easy as never before to change your e-liquid or to fill the tank. Only one detail that can be requiring some mental inputs if you haven’t read a user manual: child lock cap. You have to press it down to unscrew the cap same as screwing it back, you will have to press it down a bit for the last few twists.

Another innovative and in my opinion very well thought aboutJoyetech AIO Tank LED Illumination feature is the LED light installed into the device: we’re used to having a light when pressing a power button, but AIO brings this light to a completely different level of use: the light illuminates the tank from the inside. How many times have you used your phone or the street light at night to see how much of e-liquid has left? With Joyetech AIO those days are in the past!

Performance of Joyetech AIO

The performance of Joyetech AIO is excellent! Vapour production from 0.6ohm coil is perfect, the flavour is smooth and intense. The vapour is nice and warm, but not too hot. Adjustable airflow control is not going to make this device fully capable for direct-to-lung vaping but it’s nice to have some extra airflow when you need it.
Joyetech AIO Airflow Control

Joyetech AIO – one of the best starter kits

It’s not too much to say that Joyetech AIO is one of the best available pen style vape kits as Joyetech has paid a lot of attention to the small details to make vaping better with this device. If you are looking for something small, well performing and reasonably priced, this is definitely a kit to go for!

The kit includes:

1* AIO batteryJoyetech AIO Dimensions1* AIO mouthpiece
2* BF SS316-0.6ohm coil heads
1* USB Cable
1* Warranty Card and manual for quick start

Joyetech AIO specifications:

Dimensions: Diameter:19mm, Length: 118.05mm
Battery capacity:1500mAh
Tank capacity: 2.0ml
Available colours: Black, Silver, Black & White, Red & White, Black & Grey


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