One more unique product from the Kangertech: they have introduced a Nebox vaping device. As always, brave and innovative. Kangertech is offering us something new and different to experience. Is it going to be good? Most likely. Let’s take a closer look at the Kangertech Nebox, which will be soon available in the shops.

What’s new introduced:

The most innovative side of the Kangertech Neabox is all-in-one body type, which will do all the processes to produce vapour inside of the device. The device is holding 10 ml of e-liquid inside of the body, which will give you a long time of vaping without having to fill it again.

Together with in-body liquid holding, the look of the Nebox is really different from what we’re used to see. Instead of a tank, there is only the drip tip, which will make the device more comfortable to keep in the pocket.


The Kangertech Nebox technical details:


This is a first temperature control mod from the Kangertech, it will come with pre-installed Ni200 coil, RBA section will be included with this kit, which will allow the users to build their own builds.

The Kangertech Nebox will fire at 60W, it’s 10W more than Aspire Plato. Lowest resistance to fire coil is 0.15ohms.

The device is available in 4 colours: red, black, blue and white.


  • Micro USB
  • LCD Display
  • 10mL capacity
  • Delrin Drip Tip
  • Temperature Control
  • Use replaceable 18650 cell
  • Output 60W
  • Supports 0.15 ohm
  • Stainless steel OCC
  • Mini RBA plus

UPDATED: There are some complaints from the owners about leaking problems in Kangertech Nebox. In most cases it’s a seal at the top of the coil head. This seal should prevent the leakage but obviously there is a fault in design. If you’re experiencing leaking problems, try to follow the steps from this video: LINK IS HERE


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  1. I have a Nebox. It has leaked really bad since the first day I haven’t hardly used it because it would never stay charged. Bought a new battery and it still won’t charge. Anyone else had this problem? If so what do I do about it. The vape shop where I bought it won’t take it back. So lost over 100.00 for nothing.

    • I’ve been using Nebox for a while, it was leaking a bit, but tightening the coil head and liquid door a bit more helped to sort it. But faults in battery discharge have to be replaced, is device still in waranty?

  2. Yes, I have the same problem with the leaking. I took it back to the place of purchase, they messed with it, took it apart wiped it down with a paper towel, now it leaks worse than it did before. What a rip. I do believe I will think twice before purchasing any Kangertech products.

    • Leakage problem is smaller with max VG e-liquid. But this is not an excuse for the issue. The biggest problem is between the seal at the top of the coil head and the pipe. There is a solution which most likely will fix a leaking problem. Try to follow these instructions offered by Wise Vice Vapors. Link to video is HERE
      Let me know if this will work for you!